Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sit ‘n Go (humor)

(envisioned as a commercial, maybe on SNL)


Professionally dressed man and woman. Smiling. Enthusiastic. Chipper.

MAN: CEO’s, presidents, owners, and managers. Have you ever noticed how much time your employees spend visiting the restroom?

WOMAN: Coffee. Donuts. Breakfast burritos. Soft drinks. Water. Mexican food for lunch. It’s all gotta come out sometime!

MAN: Now you can increase worker productivity by eliminating those wasteful trips to expel bodily waste.

WOMAN and MAN: With the new Sit ‘n Go!!

Video display of what appears to be a motorized chair. It conceals a person’s body from the waist down. It folds open along the front, with a toilet seat inside. The video shows a man fold it open, turn around, bend over and drop his pants and underwear to the floor, sit inside, and then fold it closed. The man begins to steer the Sit ‘n Go with a joy stick, out of this office and down the hall.

MAN (voiceover): The Sit ‘n Go’s ergonomic design is adaptable and comfortable to any body type and size. It can easily navigate office doorways and halls, and is compatible with any desk style.

WOMAN: Your employees simply sit and go wherever they are! At their desk. At a meeting.… What else is there! No more bathroom visits to drain the main vein or drop a deuce.

SCENE: Meeting room with the attendees in Sit ‘n Go’s. Two men (TED and NED) and two women (JILL and JANE).

TED: Has everyone had a chance to review the project tasks?

Several flatulent noises are heard.

TED: Anyone have questions about the timeline?

The long steady sound of a urine stream striking water is heard through the remainder of the scene as NED stares about serenely.

JILL: I should complete my tasks in 20% less time now that I can piss and crap at my desk!

TED: Outstanding Jill!! (TED leans over and passes gas.)

JANE: These new Sit ‘N Go’s are totally awesome!

All faces turn to JANE as she concentrates during her defecation, with associated passing of gas and sounds of stool dropping into water.

JILL: Whoa, Jane. How ‘bout a courtesy flush there, sweetheart!

Everyone smiles and laughs.

MAN: Yes, the new Sit ‘n Go not only increases productivity but can be a team building exercise as well.

WOMAN: Get the new Sit ‘n Go for your office today!


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