Friday, February 10, 2012

What? Who?

There are two ways in which people are attracted to someone: based on WHAT they are, and based on WHO they are. In my experience most people care more about the WHAT than the WHO.

WHAT is temporary. WHAT is possessions. As in WHAT a person has. Does a person have money. Does a person have fame. Does a person have a nice car. How does a person dress. What is a person’s appearance. What are a person’s activities and hobbies. It is all about WHAT you can do with a person, or WHAT they can do for you.

Do I even need to tell you? Of course, this is shallow. Of course, this is America! We are all about the WHAT. From our personal and professional relationships, to pop culture and entertainment, and especially our politics.

Back to relationships. WHAT is temporary. When you base your reason on being with someone because of WHAT they are, and WHAT changes (as it usually does) then you find yourself not so interested anymore. Because you don’t care about WHO the person is, you only care about the WHAT.

WHAT is transferable. If you are not getting WHAT you want from the person you are with, then you feel justified in finding WHAT you want with someone else.

WHO a person is. That is what really matters. And when they (whoever they are) speak of true love, what they really mean is being with someone because of WHO they are. That means you still want to be with them over the years, with all the changes to WHAT; regardless of the WHAT.

WHAT is essentially unhappiness, because WHAT is in continual search of happiness.

WHO is happiness; happiness in WHO you are, and happiness in WHO you are with.

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