Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Back in my 20's I attended an AA meeting (court mandated). Not sure if they all were college students but they were of that age. They were going on and on about success. I could only surmise the pressure to succeed is ultimately why they were at an AA meeting.
Success is a label placed onto you by others. That was my thought back then, comment withheld, and it is my thought now, comment being voiced.
That is to say, you cannot control whether or not you are a success. This is why we are always clamoring for attention. Social media, blogs, activists, write a book, make the news, be on TV, go viral, Facebook friends and likes and attention. You can't just live your life, someone has to notice you living your life.
How much attention you desire depends on whose recognition you need so you can feel as though your life is validated. Maybe you simply need one or a few people to notice. Perhaps a larger but still small circle of friends and colleagues. You might get by with wide recognition within the world of your profession, or chosen activities. Or you may require broad public attention (i.e. from strangers), your 15 minutes.
Attention is not enough. You are not guaranteed success. You may achieve only notoriety. So you attempt to control the message, control the information. You must be seen in a good light! All of us may not be running for office, but all of us are playing politics.
Is it truly possible to be yourself, and not sellout, and toil away in obscurity and still be a success? Of course not! Because success is a label placed onto you by others.