Thursday, April 2, 2015

7 Minute Footsteps

Life proceeds in 7 minute increments. Does everything you do take 7 Minutes? Of course not. Don't be silly. Think of the 7 minutes as footsteps; mental, intellectual, emotional footsteps. You are moving in a direction, one step at a time. Will you continue doing whatever you are doing? Or change directions?

Focus. Attention. Engagement. Think of these as making up the footsteps. Mentally. Intellectually. Emotionally. Every "7 minutes" you unconsciously decide if your focus will stay or shift, if your attention will hold or falter, if your engagement will remain or wane. Every "7 minutes."

Here is the point. The most important moment in your life, ever, is your current 7 Minutes. Doesn’t matter what you are doing. Sleeping, driving, sitting on the toilet. Your current moment is the only moment that matters. Sure, remember past moments. Sure, plan future moments. Do not become preoccupied with either. No matter what you are you doing, what you are doing is the most important moment of your life.

Stay focused on your current 7 Minutes.
Pay attention to your current 7 Minutes.
Remain engaged with your current 7 Minutes.