Tuesday, February 28, 2012

If I Were Dictator

If I ruled the world, was king of the throne …

Everyone would wear their ages on their foreheads. I am done with guessing. Done trying to figure out who looks good for their age, and who doesn’t. Done with looking at 20 year old boys and thinking they are in high school, and done with looking at 16 year old girls and thinking they are 25.

All cars would have the gas cap on the same side of the vehicle, the driver’s side. No more pulling into a gas station with cars facing the opposite direction and you have to drive around and maneuver your car next to the gas pump.

Grocery stores have to follow the same basic layout. You can walk into any store and quickly figure out where things are.

Cars would have LED displays on them which say where you are going, and where you have been.

Just left: mistress
Going to: work

Just left: gynecologist
Going to: bar

Absolutely no advertising during a TV show or TV movie. No little animations down in the corner. No telling us what is up next, and on tomorrow night, or whatever.

Quantity discounts are required in increments of 5 units. If I buy five of one item then it has to have a lower per unit cost then buying just one. Buying 10 has to have a lower per unit cost than buying 5. This goes for services, too, which is by month.
All cars would be bumper cars. Then you can bump into someone with no worries. Bump, get bumped, drive on.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ever See a Three-legged Dog?

Have you ever seen a three-legged dog? I have. Do you know what three-legged dogs do? They carry on. Three-legged dogs accept their circumstances. Three-legged dogs adapt. Three-legged dogs carry on. Do you what three-legged dogs don’t do? They don’t feel sorry for themselves, they don’t expect sympathy from others, and they don’t expect praise or recognition for carrying on with three legs. 

Imagine a world where the attitude of people are as enduring and resilient as that of a three-legged dog. Of course, there are some like this now. Some who accept, and adapt, and carry on. But many more who do not.

Do I really need to list all the ways in which we are not as good as a three-legged dog? We look outside ourselves for who to blame. We look outside ourselves for who is going to help us. We become angry and bitter at what has happened to us, how we were treated (or ignored).

Have you lost something in your life? It could be anything. From an actual leg, to property, money, status, a relationship, or a loved one. Whatever challenges you have faced, and whether or not the result was as you wanted, are you able to accept the outcome? Adapt and carry-on? Are you are as good as a three-legged dog?

Friday, February 10, 2012

What? Who?

There are two ways in which people are attracted to someone: based on WHAT they are, and based on WHO they are. In my experience most people care more about the WHAT than the WHO.

WHAT is temporary. WHAT is possessions. As in WHAT a person has. Does a person have money. Does a person have fame. Does a person have a nice car. How does a person dress. What is a person’s appearance. What are a person’s activities and hobbies. It is all about WHAT you can do with a person, or WHAT they can do for you.

Do I even need to tell you? Of course, this is shallow. Of course, this is America! We are all about the WHAT. From our personal and professional relationships, to pop culture and entertainment, and especially our politics.

Back to relationships. WHAT is temporary. When you base your reason on being with someone because of WHAT they are, and WHAT changes (as it usually does) then you find yourself not so interested anymore. Because you don’t care about WHO the person is, you only care about the WHAT.

WHAT is transferable. If you are not getting WHAT you want from the person you are with, then you feel justified in finding WHAT you want with someone else.

WHO a person is. That is what really matters. And when they (whoever they are) speak of true love, what they really mean is being with someone because of WHO they are. That means you still want to be with them over the years, with all the changes to WHAT; regardless of the WHAT.

WHAT is essentially unhappiness, because WHAT is in continual search of happiness.

WHO is happiness; happiness in WHO you are, and happiness in WHO you are with.