Tuesday, February 28, 2012

If I Were Dictator

If I ruled the world, was king of the throne …

Everyone would wear their ages on their foreheads. I am done with guessing. Done trying to figure out who looks good for their age, and who doesn’t. Done with looking at 20 year old boys and thinking they are in high school, and done with looking at 16 year old girls and thinking they are 25.

All cars would have the gas cap on the same side of the vehicle, the driver’s side. No more pulling into a gas station with cars facing the opposite direction and you have to drive around and maneuver your car next to the gas pump.

Grocery stores have to follow the same basic layout. You can walk into any store and quickly figure out where things are.

Cars would have LED displays on them which say where you are going, and where you have been.

Just left: mistress
Going to: work

Just left: gynecologist
Going to: bar

Absolutely no advertising during a TV show or TV movie. No little animations down in the corner. No telling us what is up next, and on tomorrow night, or whatever.

Quantity discounts are required in increments of 5 units. If I buy five of one item then it has to have a lower per unit cost then buying just one. Buying 10 has to have a lower per unit cost than buying 5. This goes for services, too, which is by month.
All cars would be bumper cars. Then you can bump into someone with no worries. Bump, get bumped, drive on.

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