Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Power Selfish

Those with power who are selfish and use the political system for their own gain - the power selfish - must continually sow division among the populace in order to maintain control. In America that has meant instilling fear into white people, fear of minorities. In America that has meant instilling fear into minorities, fear of the system. 

Division among the populace is achieved in ways other than creating antagonism along racial and ethnic lines. The power selfish create conflict and hate through the differences in religions, morality, and culture. People's good intentions in the name of their values becomes a weapon of manipulation and control.

Pitting the populace against itself results in both distraction and instability. The people are distracted away from the true actions of the power selfish, which primarily is: where the money comes from and where the money goes. Instability creates intolerance, doubt, fear and conflict, on which the power selfish thrive and profit.

If you feel any animosity whatsoever against any subset of people, then you are a pawn of the power selfish. You are their tool. You are not empowered, as you think you are, you have given away your power.

If your goal is to exclude or repress any group of people, then your values and beliefs are being used by the power selfish. How do you think you have arrived at your anger and hate? It is because you have been excluded and repressed. You have felt alienated and discarded by society. Thus you are rallied by the power selfish to direct your frustration and fear at a segment of the population.  Someone to blame other than yourself or the system itself.

Repression and exclusion are the hammer and chisel that create extremists and terrorists. You may have been actually repressed and excluded, or an environment and state of mind was created to make you feel that way. In either case you identify with others who are like you and thus you form an angry and motivated mob, controlled and lead by the very people who helped create you. The power selfish use you to make another segment of the population feel repressed and excluded. A vicious cycle.

You must resist the temptation to repress and exclude others. If you allow the power selfish to manipulate you into cooperating in repressing and excluding others then you are creating the very thing you fear, creating the very thing you want to eliminate. You are creating an antagonistic bizarro-world doppelganger. Someone who is just like you, and yet the opposite of you, and aligning yourselves as adversaries. You yourself are becoming the very thing you fear.

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