Friday, April 13, 2012

Random Thoughts

Regarding former Arkansas coach Bobby Patrino and Jessica Dorrell. (Spellcheck doesn’t like either last name.) I see comments on articles or on message boards where some express surprise at why an attractive 25 year old was giving it up to a not so good looking 51 year old. It’s not like he is George Clooney or Brad Pitt, or something. Really? Some people can’t figure this out? Younger women are always getting with older men. Money, power, celebrity status. Patrino had all three in Arkansas. Others express surprise at the piggish nature of men. Oh really? Pretty commonly heard that men are pigs and people act surprised when a man acts like one?

Apparently there is an App that will measure vibrations on the Richter Scale. If you are unlucky enough to have that App up and running when an earthquake hits you can send an immediate iReport to CNN on the strength of the tremor. I can think of a better use. Place your phone (or other device) on the bed (or washing machine, or couch, or car, or wherever) while you are having sex. See what you get on the Richter Scale and post to Facebook and/or Twitter! Just remember it is exhibition, not a competition. Please, no wagering.

I believe that we overuse the word that. We seem to sprinkle it throughout conversations, and in writing. I have begun to pay attention when I use the word that. I go ahead and write the sentence then I reread it and see if I can remove the that. You must be able to remove that completely, like in the first sentence of this paragraph. As opposed to having to swap that out for another word. Of course, I still like it when I can reasonably use a double that. That is always amusing.

Monday morning you reorient yourself to the tasks at hand. You catch up on email the workaholics sent over the weekend. You stare at your weekly calendar for 30 minutes. To avert a case of the Mondays there is a good chance someone brought in food. You make the social rounds asking about everyone’s weekend and keep an eye out for munchies.

Tuesday you think about doing actual work, but only if someone is waiting on it.

Wednesday might be your most productive day. You are over the distraction of the past weekend, and not quite dreaming of the next.

Thursday you finish things up because who wants lots to do on a Friday?

Friday is another day people usually bring in food, so you look around. You spend most of your time thinking about what you will be doing Friday night and over the weekend, interlaced with mindless busy work.

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